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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
wow. u have food trucks, HT, and Au Bon Pain's in front of work? You can set up your very own green zone and we won't be able to see you for 20 years..

working at home for the next couple of weeks. Trying to get things settled, hopefully we'll go out to lunch and get to hit outside. Still dying to hit with my newly acquired mod'ed less lead filled NYC.

Free any Friday's? It seems like only gov'ies like Sap and I are able to play on Fridays. Although I heard that's a strong chance that we may get an extra day a week for the next 22 weeks. 20% pay cut for the next 6 months is going to feel like gloves after hemorrhoid surgery.
We usually have one Food truck show up daily and HT and Au Bon are about a block away, though the street to Au Bon is like a wind tunnel.

My remote work day rotates every week so I usually have a Friday once a week, but time away is limited as I gotta be logged in.

At least they will keep you govies, us contractors will get axed.
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