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Originally Posted by rmccarty View Post
No worries on your response time. It's been a crazy week!

Thanks for the info on fitness level & weight.

So if stiffness isn't that much of a consideration for a teenage beginner, what would you say are the top 3 specifications I should be concerned with? We know the way it looks is important but that's a personal thing. Can't select clothes or a good looking racket for her. With 30 years between us, I can't be trusted with something as important as a cool looking racket.

EVERYONE: But seriously, you all have provided me with about a dozen or so rackets. How did arrive at your suggestions - what criteria did you use? She can't demo them all. I know I may not make the right choice but I'd like to purchase something she will use for 6 - 12 months b/c I don't have the $$$ to buy another racket after she plays 3 times and decides it doesn't work for her.

I'm seriously looking at a Prince exo3 Tour Lite b/c it's Lite (so is she and she greatly prefers lite rackets) and I found it at a good price. But a good price doesn't make it a good racket even if it is a lite racket.

Aesthetics and easy power are usually what people look at first. Rackets like the yonex vcore 100s are both of these things, and it's quite manueverable. I would stay away from incredibly light rackets.
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