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Originally Posted by SempreSami View Post
The City owners are putting a fair bit of coin into local projects aren't they? Not sure Abramovich has done much beyond signing players and telling the manager to play them.
The club do an awful lot around the local community to be fair, it's something most clubs do, but never really gets much attention. I think newspapers prefer to make up stories that sell their papers than report the good things.

In the last two weeks alone we've had two apologies from newspapers about stories that turned out to be fakes, the argument between Benitez and Terry + the supposed "leaked" team briefing notes before the Wigan game. It's funny that both were big back page stories when they were written, but the apologies were written in a tiny corner stuck in the middle, forgotten pages

So yes, Chelsea do do alot for the local community. I'm not really sure how much that has to do with Abramovich though.
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