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Originally Posted by Xavier G View Post
Yes, kiki, I know in reality the title Connors won, over Borg, belonged to the 1977 season.
It took place in the 1978 calendar year though, so the premise of this thread is IF you include this Masters as a 1978 event, it is pretty close between Borg and Connors for actual tennis results in the calendar year 1978. It's just a different way of looking at the 1978 year, kiki.
yes, XavierG, and you are right.In any case, both beat each other at least once in a major either in 77 or in 78.

BTw, 1977 WCT tour was incredible, possibly the best ever as far as big names are concerned.Borg and Vilas being the only ones absent, though both entered the Montecarlo event, and both reached the final (Borg took the title in staraight sets).So, the 77 WCT tour had everything you wanted for real.
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