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Originally Posted by Xavier G View Post
Yes, kiki and a 1977 WCT Dallas final between Borg and Connors would have been great. Who would have won that?!? Who knows. Good work.
True , a rela play off.Connors was great in the two indoor majors, beating Borg in the year end Masters, with a field that included: Vilas,Gottfried,Ramirez,Orantes,dibbs and Roscoe Tanner.Wowˇˇ

Stockton is not too popular here, but this guy was incredible all the WCT season, beating Connors at the Philadelphia and Toronto finals and reaching the Dallas final where finally Jimbo could defeat him.he also defeated Borg at the 1977 US Open but it was due to Borg retiring for injury.

Stockton would beat great cc expert Manuel Orantes next year at RG, and would reach the semis before losing to Guillermo Vilas.So, Stockton was a clear top ten guy for 1977-78.
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