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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Coach what do you think the difference is between our top Nationals vs top ITf's , how hard they hit the ball , how much topspin , how big they serve , quality of forehands and back hands , slices , speed of players ,ect ???

I purposely didnt mention what I believe the answer is but would love to see what your thought is .
Tough to say. I am not an expert on ITF's. However, I have seen the #1 ITF in the world play a few years ago and it was like, you have to be kidding me. He was weak. Collinari from Argentina or US, depending which week it is, dismantled him. I saw Schneider play an incredibly tough ITF player from Japan, lefty, trains at IMG who was not top 10. Guy played unbelievable defense. You can't put 100% faith in the ITF rankings because guys travel a lot and "buy" points. When Sock won US Open juniors I don't think he even had an ITF ranking! He and Kudla were clearly the class of the field that year. I will go on record and make a prediction: Sock will be higher ranked than Harrison in a couple years. Sock has the big weapon- the forehand. Harrison is really great and I love his game- but he doesn't have the big weapon off the ground. As far as TCF's theory: the thing is you have to look at the data first than come up with the theory. You cannot have the theory than look for the data to back it up- because you are looking at the data with bias. I learned this 46 years ago in Sociology 101.
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