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Originally Posted by Toons View Post
Just one persons opinion: It is very thankless. Went through the program many years back. Very slow, assumes you know very little. Took a couple classes with people that hardly knew the basics (many seemed to be blind as well). At least these days you can get paid something, still not much. You often end up arguing with players that think they know everything, usually 3.0 players that spend all their time on TW boards
Aw, come on. It's not that bad.

There was an on-line test, which you could whip through at your own pace.

Yes, there was a day-long group class, but I've sat through far worse training classes.

I became a provisional umpire and did one of the five mandatory days of unpaid "shadowing" training. I liked it. Trouble was, it just didn't fit with my lifestyle for right now. Also, every time I was available there was no suitable tournament for me, and the tournaments that were suitable seemed to often occur when I was unavailable. I bailed and I didn't do the final four days of shadowing to become a full-fledged official.

Based on my years as a swim stroke and turn judge, I do think it takes a certain authoritative demeanor to be successful, though. I think it helps to give off an "I know my stuff and am decisive" air.
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