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Originally Posted by eliars View Post
Sure. I also vividly remember his match vs Nadal in Madrid 08, where he was ripping some shots. His FH dtl is the shot I think of the most, when he's ripping stuff. But let's not kid ourselves, he is a counterpuncher, who sometimes can inject some pace on his shots. What I meant by him being uncharacteristically aggressive today, is as you pointed to, him, following an aggressive shot, coming to the net. He did that a couple of times in the 2nd, as well as hitting some nice passing shots.

Hopefully both Tsonga and Simon will be able to sustain the level they showed today.
yeah Simon is a counter puncher no doubt, but plenty of people say he has no weapons. He has plenty of weapons, just prefers patience vs aggression normally.

but yes, the coming in to net was refreshing today and really won him some cheap points.

Simon vs Nadal in Madrid is one of my favorite matches to rewatch
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