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Originally Posted by NatF View Post
Career slam is an achievement of versatility, Borg's channel slams are the greatest show of that in tennis IMO. I think Borgs domination of two completely different surfaces puts him on the same level as Nadal. I actually think Borg's achievements might be superior to Nadal's, but I feel Nadal's playing level is so high I can't put Borg ahead...
I got Nadal over Borg now because:

1. Nadal still plugging away at it out there (Borg quits at 25)
2. Nadal was better on his weaker surfaces. A better hardcourt player then Borg
3. Demolished Borg's clay records
4. Success over ALL his main rivals (Federer, Djoker, Murray). Borg really couldn't figure out McEnroe. Nadal got the best of everyone of the main players of his era more times then not.
5. Career slam (It wasn't as important then but Borg still attempted and only managed 2 of the 4 slams while Nadal won all 4

There are still arguments for Borg, but I'll take Nadal
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