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I'm sorry for being so lazy and not reading thru the whole thread but is there a stat that shows of those 1st serves in play at break point, what percent did they win that point. The reason I ask this is that many on break point will take a little off that first serve in order to get it in play and keep the returner from attacking on the second serve. It also takes a lot of pressure off the server if he doesn't have to hit a second serve so you put a 85% 1st serve into play to avoid that.
Unfortunately we haven't always tracked that stat. I do track it sometimes, and I try to mention it in a case like yours where it seems the server has taken too much off his serve just to get it in, leaving himself attackable despite making his first serve.

None of the top performances listed in the opening post really qualify as one of those cases; in virtually all of them, as I recall, the server regularly went for his first serve on break point and for the most part was able to win the point.

McEnroe was really nailing his serve on break points in the '81 Wimby final, already mentioned by Moose.

The less-powerful servers in the second list were not ripping their serves on break points, but they rarely went for big serves anyway.

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