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Originally Posted by maleyoyo View Post
Bedroom activities could have detrimental effect on your lower back.
You are not 25 anymore heycal; canít be that baseline basher forever. Maybe itís time to refine your technique and your game just like tennis.
Just saying
Well, you gotta give the people what they want.

In any case, my neck suffers from bedroom activities much more than my back does. Movement seems good for the back, remember?

Originally Posted by Bud View Post
You may want to research something called the Melt Method. It's basically a new twist on Trager bodywork - which uses gentle rocking movement, light pressure and stretching to relax the body's connective tissue. The only tools used are some soft rubber balls and one of those 3' long x 6" diameter cylindrical foam 'rollers'.

I tried some of the exercises today and it definitely releases body tension and feels great.

- - -

As many others stated - walking - probably the best exercise you can do for your body.
Thanks, I'll check it out. And continue my 4 hours plus a week walking. Glad I'm doing something right!

One thing I don't understand when I read about all this stuff is flat back versus neutral spine stuff. So many exercises and stretches call for flat back, touching the floor, but I thought a natural curve in the back was the ideal posture. So what's the connection between the two?
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