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Thumbs down playtennis33, lacks common decency & character!

Communication between ourselves over his sales ad,, so please decide for yourself. I, for one, totally understand chempharm position stated here:

My initial replies:
Please send pics of each. Thanks Brad
(I received 3 pics).
Thanks. Are there any paint chips and/or scratches/scuffs on the frames? I assume with a rating of 9/10 - they both should be in excellent condition. Thanks

Hello, are they both still available? I can offer $200 for both shipped to zip code 30152. Please let me know. I will be out for a few hours so I will be unavailable to reply until I return home. Thanks. I have several excellent references on TW. Thanks Brad

His reply:
I pass good luck. You are asking me to give you specific details on every aspect of two rackets they are in great condition and I am guessing you will get the rackets see won scuff on the guard and immediately request a refund or partial refund with PayPal. I have had this happen before and 200 dollars is too low thanks good luck.

My reply:
Boy, you are reading too much into a simple question. I asked about paint chips and scuffs on the frame, not the head guard. I just read your last reference where you insult a potential buyer. I too would rather deal with someone else even at a higher price and common decency. Good luck.

His reply:
Great that works out for both of us. Don't need any lowballers here. Funny how you failed to mention all the good references. That guy didn't get to lowball me so he posted a bad comment about me but everyone who has bought a racket from me, and there have been plenty has said nothing but positive things. Funny how you guys don't get your way so you want to post bad things about people.

My reply:
Dude, its called negotiation and the difference for each racquet was $5.00 which by the way I would have agreed to $210 if you weren't so defensive about the "quality" of your items. Its more than clear that he posted a deserving poor comment on you because you lack common decency - it has nothing to do about price. It's how you handle people, or lack of. The issue is you simply don't get it. You "assumed" from one simple question I or whoever will attempt to screw you over. Everyone negotiates. Ever brought a car? If you would have said - sorry $210 firm and yes my frames are blemish-free then you would have already sold them. Funny how you guys don't get your way so you need to degrade others by name calling, like your last post, or make poor assumption on others.

His replies:
Don't want to sell to you and again you seem to not notice every comment is great except for one guy who didn't get his way. Don't want or need you r money and definitely don't need to get screwed over by someone who is looking to get over on someone.

Look here brad I laugh at how you compare buying a tennis racket to negotiating buying a car. The fact is you asked for pictures of both I sent them to you. Also you asking me to tell you with certainty about every little blemish or any little paint blemish on both rackets. This is exactly what someone does then they get the rackets and say you missed a little scratch here and file a complaint with PayPal and then I get screwed.

My reply - (this is getting tedious).
You simply don't know what you are talking about. Who asked about "with certainty about every little blemish or any little paint blemish on both racquets"? Anyway, thanks.

His replies:
Just glad that you will not be cheating me out of money. So take care

Anyway, as you just read - this got ridiculous and tedious. I usually go out of my way to complement someone but this fellow - well you decide. Thanks
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