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He was asking 210, you offered 200 (95% of his asking price), hardly an insulting offer.

If he isn't willing to negotiate on price at all, he should state in the ad that his prices are firm and he won't take lower than x dollars. It would save everyone, including him, some time. If you put a price out there of 210, of course people are going to offer 200. Not hard to see that coming as the average buyer on TW is a haggler. You could ask $2 for a racket and they will offer you $1.50.

The name calling and immediate assumption of nefarious motives without any supporting evidence are uncalled for and reflect badly on him. No reason for that. He might want to change his tactics. If an offer is too low, simply say no thanks, x$ is my bottom line and move on. Not reason to berate someone for making you an offer or asking questions. If you don't want to deal with it, don't respond.

I imagine he was burned a few times and is over reacting. Hell, we have all been burned but that doesn't justify being rude to someone unnecessarily.

To be fair to him, he does have very good refs overall. Just doesn't handle offers all that well, apparently. Not a huge deal either way.

I don't like selling here because there are too many kids, too many tire kickers, and too many requests/emails. I prefer selling on the auction site with buy it now and if someone asks me more than 2 or 3 questions I simply stop responding because my experience is they are just kicking tires or milking my knowledge because they want to sell a similar item. This is a good place to buy at times as long as you conduct your due diligence ahead of payment. Selling not so much IMHO. Way too labor intensive.

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