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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
You believe a legendary myth, I'm afraid. Borg didn't annouce his retirement from full-time tennis competition until January 1983. By then, McEnroe was about to lose to Lendl for the 7th time in a row, and wasn't a champion at any of the majors.

Borg didn't play in 1982, apart from Monte Carlo and exhibitions, because he was involved in a dispute with the ITF over how many tournaments he would have to play. The ITF threatened to force Borg to qualify for the majors if he didn't play the required number of tournaments, so Borg didn't bother. It was expected that Borg would return to full-time competition for 1983, but then he made his retirement announcement in January 1983 during the Masters tournament.
Yeah but it doesn't change the fact that Borg couldn't will himself to play through these qualifying rounds (however humiliating it may be for a former champion) and fight back up to the top. Instead, he chose the easy way out, in my opinion.
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