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Originally Posted by RollTrackTake View Post
I'm using an F3.0 Tour. I've never used Volkl Cyclone Tour before so I have no history with this string. In my Donnay Pro 1 I mainly use Dunlop Black Widow strung at 56lbs. After reading the TW review of Cyclone Tour I felt safe stringing the Cyclone Tour at 50lbs. Again, I'll try a multi like Rip Control or Premier Attack in a full bed next. If it still plays mediocre I'll give it one more shot with a hybrid.
I like PPA a lot and would play with it if I didn't like the Isospeed so much. Cyclone is what I would call a soft co-poly and you did have it strung at what i would call a safe tension also. You will probably do best with a full bed of multi on this frame and you will still get a lot of spin for an 18x20. Sorry to hear that the cyclone didnt work out as it is a good string.
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