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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
As you already know, I played tonight. Tough match, but we pulled it out 3-6, 6-4, 6-2. My partner, one of the local high school players, was a bit nervous in the beginning, but once she loosened up, she ripped some nice shots. We were the only 7:00 win for CFAC.

How'd you do? Ed has a killer server & a nice forehand. I've always joked with him that he's "a backhand away from being a 4.5", although he did get bumped this year. He'll be on the 4.5 team.
good comeback win tonight! even if it was at the expense of our team...haha, you were the only court to go the distance! i like that they play out the 3rd set...that's how it should be!

but yeah, that Ed guy is pretty good! he burned me a few times up the line with that big forehand and his serve is definitely 4.5...but yeah, i went after his backhand -- especially when i was serving...i've been feeling "on" lately and my partner was solid at the yeah, we won...6-3, 6-1...

do you play tomorrow?
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