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So here is myself and a friend hitting around for a bit. I realize from the video that I am good at making one correctional tip from people on this forum at a time, and then switching to another and totally forgetting to continue doing the last one haha. On one shot I am gripping the racquet lower and with more of a closed fist, the next I am leading the forward swing with the butt cap but the hand is back up, etc. But overall I know the video is a learning tool, and next time I can go out and build on what I have now.

So a few things I think I'm doing better:
-more swings leading with the butt cap. This seems to be the best piece of advice for me so far. I have captured a few shots in slow mo again where I think I see the most SSC, and I believe that it's because I'm leading with the butt cap really well (if there are shots I didn't slow mo that you think have better SCC, please let me know which ones they are)
-standing more open. I told you guys that's how I normally hit :P
-keeping the back swing shorter. I know it's not as short as some would like to see, but it's obviously better than the first video (again, it was that long because I was trying the whole "turn the racquet face far back" thing)

things to work on:
-keeping my hand lower on the grip. I think I was a little lax in this video compared to my second, and even though it didn't seem to negatively impact my shots, I know holding it lower will provide room for improvement. I think I need to get in the habit of adjusting the grip after every shot. If I'm not mistaken, some pros spin their racquet in their hands after almost every shot, so I may try to implement that and feel for where my pinky is every time.
-half to no PTD position, especially on higher balls. Fed and Nadal get their racquet almost parallel to the ground, and where that's not mandatory, it's a good visualization to get great PTD. I also think the flatter the racquet gets to the ground, the more the wrist is allowed to deviate first and then extend, which seems to be how Fed hits. Again, even though it didn't seem to hinder most of my shots, I know it will lead to improvement. It will also make the next note more evident.
-Not as much visible whip with SSC as possible. I think this ties in with the PTD note. I've been thinking that if I don't bring the racquet most of the way behind me (around 90 degrees from the side fence) and have it more like 60-70 degrees back, there will be more whipping of the racquet head behind me (so now it's whipped to around 90 degrees, not just brought back to 90 degrees) on the forward swing and therefore more SSC. I think Fed does this more than Nadal, who seems to bring the racquet back more. In the same videos that I'm making Fed and Nadal's SSC observations in, I'm seeing that they don't always have a huge whip and sometimes it seems like the wrist is locked through the stroke, so I think it's safe to say that it's hard to get it perfectly all the time.

A few other things:
-I'm seeing some double bend shots again, and I think from this view it's obvious that a big determining factor is distance from the ball. There are def some biomechanical differences as well (pronation vs supination of the forearm during the forward swing), but they are not voluntary, and I'd go as far as to say distance is the biggest determining factor. I also think SSC is not as visually obvious (at full speed or slow mo) when hitting with a double bend. Shots at 0:13, 1:09, 1:12, 1:53, and 4:05 are more double bend than straight arm if not full on double bend. I've put together a clip of Nadal and Tipsarevic hitting split screen forehands so I could see the biomechanical difference(s), but it is hard to see anything major so I will prob upload that soon, too.
-Cheetah, what did you think about what I was saying about the Wegner video from the other thread? Mainly about this - "I think using an open stance and pushing off your outside foot will create movement/momentum going to your left (for R handers) and will allow the racquet to use that movement/momentum to go across the body faster. There should still be enough forward movement/momentum to have your body going forward and into the court, though. Maybe the next time I'm hitting I will try a few shots where I'm consciously trying to push off at a 45 degree angle forward and to the left and see what happens. From there you can modify it - maybe push off at 60 degrees (going more laterally) and see if arm acceleration increases going across the body instead of out from the body and, consequently, if spin (maybe side spin) increases."
-are my follow throughs looking a little too extended over my left shoulder?
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