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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
Though, three week is a long time, to bring a racket back and say he did not like the feel. I get rackets back in a two weeks to be restrung. I'm with Steve on this, make him pay for the string and comp the labor, if he's going to be an ahole about it.

It's like going to the mechanic to get an oil changed, then comeing back 3000 miles later and saying you wanted synthetic oil instead of regular oil.
I like your car analogy, although I think it would be more akin to getting new tires on a car. Different tires like string will have different feeling on the road, but you can't really tell which ones you like until they are on your car. And like tires, if you come back with 1,000 miles on them asking for different ones, they are going to tell you to get bent.
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