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well... it's a step in the right direction.
just remember it's going to take time.

there were some good shots in there and the ball has a lot of action. you're pretty good and you can see all the hours logged.

1) you need to start getting your legs involved. Currently your using your arms too much. (like most ppl) Your leg work is too casual and I'd say not involved in the majority of the time and too much flat foot time. You have to literally change your mentality and start thinking of a stroke as hitting the ball with the body. You don't have to load and push off like a madman or nadal but the stroke has to start from the ground up. Load and push first even if it's a tiny amount. Even in the super casual practice strokes of Fed he is using his legs. It's subtle but they are involved. Once you get the legs involved correctly then many good things are going to happen in the overall stroke and not just power.

2) I feel your hitting structure falls apart too soon. We've been through all that and it's not as easy to see in fed and nadal because they are the masters and have tons of ssc etc going on in around their hitting structure but if you look at 'lesser' players it's easier to see.

Look at this frame from your vid. See your racquet position?

That sucks. haha. . You don't really want to see that kind of thing. This means you are not using isr and/or some other flaws and your structure breaks down and you're not coming through the ball in the best way. Look at GregG's thread. He used to have that look too but he's fixed it.
You want to be at this position:

see the difference?

Look at this guy. Not a pro but you can see him holding that structure through the hit. He's swinging with his body. When that happens you get a nice arc look to the swing path.

You can see this nice 'arc' in all the pros. They set up that structure and then they 'throw' or 'rotate' that structure through the ball using their body.
Once you get that idea baked in your muscle mem then naturally you will loosen it up and you'll get more ssc and all that. But still all that ssc and pronation and deviation and flair still happens in and around the hitting structure. and yes their are exceptions and circumstances etc etc.
You might want to try to pull the butt cap past the ball before the hit. This give a lot of leverage.

But other than that your swing looks a little better. good job.
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