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Thanks Tom! I do enjoy the process of learning and breaking down my old forehand. The videos do help me make more efficient use of my limited practice time. I find the battle is more of keeping it simple and not letting old habits come to the surface. Sometimes, I catch glimpses of the forehand I'm striving for, like today. The good thing is, these glimpses are coming a bit more frequently now.

Working hard at the gym too, to improve the stamina/agility. It really all breaks down when I can't set up early/in time.

Hey Cheetah! Last vid OK? NLBWell?

EDIT: Oops I saw you posted already

My forearm feels like it's on fire after the string demos! Just had to hit today because of the bad taste in the mouth I had from yesterday's poor show on court. Yeesh. Few days rest in order.

Oh! I did apply the upper arm principle to the serve, making sure to pull the butt of the racquet to contact...and I found my slice slider out wide! Hit 2 aces and got a few popup returns!

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