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Doubles was tough. Ansari and Wibowo led 3-0 but dropped it 7-9 and that ended up being the decider. Disappointing Dom Maden could not play again because that would have been a great doubles match at #1, #10 Maden bros vs #1 Mies/Cochrane.

Singles: (Clemson won all but 4)

1: 83 Yannick Maden def 106 Andreas Mies 6-3 6-2
Very good performance from Maden here. Last year Mies dominated Maden and kept Maden back-peddling. I was impressive with Mies then but I am not any longer. He has regressed, He has no plan on court and is not a natural tennis athlete. Maden was far more solid and controlled the court all match.

2: Hunter Harrington def Daniel Cochrane 7-5 3-6 6-3
These players are pretty much mirror images of one another. Harrington has the bigger and more versatile forehand though and controlled the majority of the points. Went down a break in the 3rd at 1-0 and this was when Ansari trailed at 6, 3-2. That was a dicey few minutes where it looked like Auburn may come from behind and pull it out. But Harrington buckled down and played solid throughout the 3rd.

3: Gerardo Meza def 120 Lukas Ollert 6-4 6-1
Very solid win. Ollert is a good good player. Very quick and great footwork, legs always churning. But gets too defensive sometimes and Meza was able to push him around. Meza also did a very nice job of closing at the net when the opportunity presented itself, not something that is usually his strength but he did it well today and it won him a lot of points with Ollert glued near the wall.

4: Dennis Lengsfield def Ayrton Wibowo 6-2 6-0
Classic Wibowo terrible display.

5: Zac Rigsby def Lucas Lopasso 6-2 6-0
Last year Rigsby got beat by Lopasso 6-2 6-1 and a complete about face this year. I didnt see a lot of this match to see why Rigsby was doing so well.

6: Austin Ansari def Joseph Van Dooren 6-3 3-6 6-3
Austin won the first set and I was expected another roll through the 2nd as he has been doing all this season. But Van Dooren dug in and caused Ansari's level to drop. I went over and watched the whole 3rd set. The beginning of the set was intense. Both guys throwing their bodies around and making ridiculous gets. It;s times like these where you realize how ridiculously fit college tennis players are. On one of the changovers Van Dooren told his coach "I can't feel my legs". Down 2-3 Ansari started to push the action more. Chose his spots and hit a few winners from the baseline and made some great net closes. His finished at the net proved to be huge. He was more aggressive and took the break at 4-3. He put his foot on the pedal and at that point Van Dooren was out of it and didn't threaten to break back at all. Ansari gets his first big clinch of his career.
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