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Originally Posted by Devilito View Post
Big name celebrities have managers, handlers, accountants, lawyers and secretaries that set up their schedule. This week youíre playing a tournament, next week youíre doing a charity PR event that weíll use as a tax write-off. It doesnít reflect poorly on Federer, but it doesnít reflect on him in terms of anything special. All of us would be doing the same thing if we were in Federerís position. Itís standard stuff guys, deal with it. You want me to be impressed? I will be if he quits tennis and spends all his money and the next 30 years of his life in Africa trying build something lasting on a large scale and dies a poor man without leaving millions to his spoiled kids. That would be something. As it stands now itís just some rich guy using charity work as PR and tax write-offs.
So basically according to you, an individual can either be a complete fake or a Mother Teresa.

You do realize most people fall somewhere in between?
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