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I've just strung mine for the second time (first time with Sonic Pro Edge but alas it is raining so have to wait to test it!). A couple of observations from a relatively newbie stringer so apologies if the following is obvious.

Mine was factory strung so it was easy enough to follow the previous job but I did get the stringing instructions sent to me from Head. For the mains at the top near where the grommet tab might poke out I was just very careful when tensioning the strings to hold it in place and make sure it hadn't moved.

For the bottom shared holes 8 & 9 there are a higher and lower notch for the strings so it is worth while looking at them carefully and planning which ones you will use for the mains and which for the crosses. That way when bottom holes 7, 8 & 9 are strung they don't cross over each other between holes. Not too sure how much real world difference it makes but I figure a little bit of extra effort to make it neater is worth it. First time I strung it I did one side neatly but the other I ended up have to run one of the crosses diagonally over a main.

Also the first time I used the recommended string lengths from Head (6.5m mains, 5.5m crosses) I end up with barely enough to get in the tensioner and finish the job for both. I don't think I used to much slack for starting the crosses. So the second time I added an extra 20cm and it was fine.
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