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If Sock played Filip Peliwo, having watched them both play, I would be rooting for Filip because his game seems less robotic or, perhaps you could argue, less refined but more fun-loving than Sock's; and I like to participate vicariously. As such, I always would rather have more fun at doing something than feel like I was subverting some of the fun that I could be having to some idea about obeying the percentages if these are anchored solely, or even just primarily, in the promise of better obtaining winning results without a shred of concern for how. Jack's serve at its best is roughly on the level of that of Feliciano Lopez to my eye--Sock is not going to be leading the tour in aces any time soon. His forehand as a rally stroke is a thousand times better mine and maybe even yours, but it is not anywhere near contemporary weapons grade. And the real problem lies with the fact that Sock's game seems to have been tailored to reward extreme fitness in an era where guys like Simon can rally all day, which orientation doe not exactly seem to emphasize Sock's natural strengths...but then again, I'm not crystal clear on whether if at all he possesses very much in the way of natural aptitudes that can soon be turned into serious weapons.

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