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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Today's matchplay footage. I know I need to work on shot tolerance, I pull the trigger too early at times. The points where I have more tolerance seem to work better. I was better at dictating play, just made some bonehead shots, gotta work those out with more match play.

PS Look at this point! WTF was that...
I enjoyed watching this Greg. Quite a bit better than my usual standard play. Good rallies, movement and shot placement. You both hit some really nice shots, but it did look like you hit more and were capable of dictating play. You hit some really nice serves also. Very nice service motion. My tentative and totally unqualified opinion is that, minus the "bonehead shots" you should be playing at a pretty darned high NTRP level. Much higher than I'll ever get to anyway. What, by the way, is your NTRP level?
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