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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
I've given it thought before...but I may be too old? Also, I will have a AD RN...this is a second (really third) career for me. I think military wants you to have a BSN. But, I think I'm only two more courses from that once I graduate. I haven't investigated it further yet.

We actually don't get a peds rotation. Kinda sucks. I'm in telemetry right now, and we do float to ICU. What are you in now?
Oh ok, there are a few states that will let you Comission into the National Guard with an ADN so long as you get your BSN within 24 months. For Active Duty the age cut off is 42 I believe. Nice, I can't wait until our critical care rotation, right now we're in classroom mode unfortunately. Endocrine test on monday.
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