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Several times I tried to switch to a Head Prestige Mid because I love the addictive feel when you hit the ball into the sweet area. That solid and connected feel I only seem to achieve with a midsize.

Unfortunately I win easier with a Midplus because of the more forgiveness of the bigger headsize.

During practices I enjoy more the mid but I feel I just need that extra 5 sq inch of a Midplus during matches.

That's why it has always been a dilemma to me:
  • Should I go for the sensational feel of the mid or;
  • Should I go for the more consistent play and more confident feel of the midplus

Lately I decided to choose the Head IG Youtek Prestige Midplus because I prefer to win matches.

It also helps to confirm my choice of the MP when I am watching ATP/WTA players on TV who are mostly using a Midplus frame (or even an oversize). Only a few players like Federer are still using a midsize.
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