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Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
I think they could have done a better job. There's some really good designers out here in New York and Brooklyn that could have probably made it look really nice. The site they have up now, I could have finished in 2 weeks, not even trying.

I also really think they should just scrap their organix name and invest on individual spec lines like Head has created with the Radical, Prestige, Speed, Extreme; and wilson has with Pro Staff, Steam, 98 (series blx/kblade). When they put up all those numbers people don't identify with it like they do with specific names. Numbers really mean nothing to humans, they might mean more to a computer, but not to us. Also, they've had that organix name for such a long time it really doesn't serve any good purpose. I would scrap it, deal out a new technology and upgrade it every year with spec lines like all the other major successful companies. When you see how Volkl, Yonex, Dunlop, Prince operate you see why they are behind Babolat, Head and Wilson. If I was hired to revamp their company I would make so many changes... And to reiterate, I don't think their site looks at all impressive. I would put up more flash material, videos and have interactive sections for a more user experience. Their site looks like a good blog site. I really wish I could add some feedback I would make that site so much better.
The sentence I highlighted is probably the dumbest thing I have ever read on this forum. How do you communicate with the guy who strings your racquets? I am making the assumption that he is not a Robot. Everything about tennis is numbers. I think most of us have a pretty good grasp of numbers.
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