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Originally Posted by RollTrackTake View Post
I'm using an F3.0 Tour. I've never used Volkl Cyclone Tour before so I have no history with this string. In my Donnay Pro 1 I mainly use Dunlop Black Widow strung at 56lbs. After reading the TW review of Cyclone Tour I felt safe stringing the Cyclone Tour at 50lbs. Again, I'll try a multi like Rip Control or Premier Attack in a full bed next. If it still plays mediocre I'll give it one more shot with a hybrid.
I string all my F 3.0 Tours with Black Widow at 56 on a crank machine. Plays fantastic for me. I've tried other polys, but none have the power, spin, feel, and comfort as this setup. If you already like Black Widow, perhaps try it in this frame.
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