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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
Really? Only one kid there hits two forehands. Have u been out to see what hes doing or is this information someone told you?

Yep, I've been out there. I've seen the Strive kids play and if I recall correctly, it's Heath's daughter who hits the 2 forehands. So, by logic, I'm assuming that's his method. I'm not saying it is good or bad. It may be the next big thing but it IS unorthodox. I also agree with other posters that $250 is waaaaaayyyy too much for a private for a 9 year old. There are plenty of other coaches in the ATL with a better record for developing juniors than Heath. Tori Hawkins at Windward, for example, has every bit as sterling of a resume as Heath at 25% of the price. That;s not to say Heath isn't a great coach. He obviously is. I just argue that he is $180/hr better than the next guy. Especially when talking about a 9 year old.
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