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I'll just post a quick follow up to my post above. I know Heath will respond with his bio including his wife, Ashley Harkleroad, and a list of pros he has worked with. Heath is a great coach and I hope he is not offended by my presenting facts. His methods may very well produce the next "big thing" in tennis. In response to the OPs original question, I will just present this: 1n the 2013 class, Windward has 6 girls in the top 200 in the nation, 4 in the top 100. In the 2014 class, there are 4 Windward girls in the top 100, in the 2015 class there are 4 top 200, and so on. Just looking at the recent success, I, as a tennis parent find no compelling argument to spend 4x for a private lesson over someone who is constantly and presently producing top 100 talent. I don't mean to offend Heath at all.
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