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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
nope. chicagojack's posts seem legit.

i don't know what el zed is on about though. i can't see how a properly weighted up APD can magically provide more spin unless it was attributable to one of it's physical characteristics that relates to launch angle or spin, i.e. string pattern, or such.

i don't see how it's comparative stiffness is what allows it more spin or power compared to a more flexible stick (apart from an incremental amount of power at the tip, after adding weight to the stock babolat stick to get it's swing weight in line).
You might want to check out this thread, which talks about the effect of frame stiffness in varying planes on spin generation:

If the hypothesis proposed by travlerajm is correct - that stiffness in the plane of the stringbed is conducive to spin generation - then we would expect the APD, with it's very wide-beamed throat, to be spin-friendly.

I think we, as consumers, don't really understand frame stiffness very well. Racquet manufacturers are looking at stiffness in many planes while all we have is the RDC measurement to go by, which looks only at global stiffness in the plane perpendicular to the stringbed. The manufacturers don't bother to explain to us what they're doing, probably because most of us don't really care. It also may be that all their contrivances with beam stiffness don't add up to much in terms of measurable performance differences. Who knows?
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