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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Well, in a recent interview (within the past month) Roddick revealed that he had lost RHS on his serve due to shoulder injuries, which was one of the reasons he chose to retire. If his shoulder affected his serve it definitely affected his forehand too. I think this actually solves the mystery of why Roddick's forehand lost sting from early to late in his career. From these recent comments, I suspect that Roddick may have developed something of a "dead arm." The dreaded dead arm happens to baseball pitchers and usually is a result of damage to the labrum of the shoulder joint. Damage here causes muscular inhibition, and the shoulder muscles are no longer able to contract as forcefully as they once did, resulting in a loss of "snap" and speed.
I stand corrected. However he DID still stay in the top 20 he will always be my tennis idol.
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