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I see what you’re saying, but that’s not the follow through position for every shot so the thing for me to work on is consistency. Pausing at 1:20, 1:24 (not a great shot, but still the racquet position you were referring to), 1:34, and 1:41 shows a string of the follow throughs you refer to, and most of the slow mo’s have it, too. I would say the one you showed was kind of an outlier actually, but the point is that it’s there and shouldn’t be. I think, when it is there, is has to do with lack of PTD and that longer follow through I was doing.

Like I noted before, I am a little surprised to see my follow through like that. The first two videos I posted had me catching the racquet over my shoulder for the most part, which kept it nice and compact. In this vid my arm is really far out there on some shots and I’m not doing a whole lot with my left arm to catch the racquet. For now, I will make a mental note and relate this to the increased effort compared to the first video. With that said, the fact that the footwork got better but the follow through got worse is a little disappointing…

I do see that I need more body in the shot. There is def more use and rotation in this third video than the others, and even though this was casual hitting it wouldn’t be 100% true to say that it keeps getting better the more “real” I play. Increase of body in my shots is something I def need to further implement. In terms of legs though, I see some good outside loading, but it’s never fully utilized. I think only my last three shots have both feet in the air at the same time (we only played 1.5 real game before she got called to go) - I’m either rotating around my left leg and the right leg rises or I push off the right and the left rises to readjust. Would a good gauge for leg use be if both came off the ground? I’m not saying I need to jump a foot in the air, but would enough spring being used result in both feet in the air? I think that is what determines good/bad leg use for the serve, so it would make sense if it applied to at least the forehand. This concept is found in the rotation vid you posted
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