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Originally Posted by lawlaw View Post
Wow. Just wow. Some of the comments on here amaze me and serve to remind that it is better to keep your mouth shut rather than prove to the world just how foolish you are.

Roger is one of the nicest guys out there. This is a fact, one I can personally attest to. He does lots of charity work and uses his own money and success to help those that are less fortunate. Not everything is publicised, but publicity helps bring awareness to a cause which in turn spurs others to use their fortunate positions to help those in need. Unless this video had been produced it is doubtful the majority talking utter drivel on here would know about the cause of pay it any attention. It's highly doubtful any charitable acts could be claimed by such characters.

As for Roger reading the story to children in English, it happens to be the official government language of South Africa. Hence why Oscar Pistorius' case is being heard in English. Perhaps some of you should learn a little about the world before trying to find fault with those trying to do good in it?

Roger is a beast in competition, clearly, his trophy cabinet attests to this. Obviously he knows how good he is and with that comes a degree of arrogance which all serious competitors possess and display in varying ways. For everything he has achieved in his short time on Earth he has handled himself incredibly well. If anyone has the right to brag, he is certainly one of them. The pressure of competing on tour is one thing, the pressure and commitments he faces each week, month and year are simply phenomenal. That he takes it all in his stride tells you something of the measure of the man.

Obviously there is the usual banter about favourite/disliked players on this forum and it is all taken with a pinch of salt. However, when a man gives of himself to benefit others he doesn't necessarily need a standing ovation, but trying to tear the guy down is quite pathetic. I joined this forum to read and learn the thoughts of tennis players from around the world. It's a little disheartening to see people have don't value their time, instead choose to spend it publishing deliberately spiteful things such as this.
Very well said.
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