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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Thanks for providing another player who fits my theory perfectly. Sokc just reached his 12 year mark and is doing great. Like I said several times, after 12 years the improvement will continue due to maturity and experience, but be at a much, much slower pace.....Jack Sock to a tee.

APPROXIMATE CEILING, AFTER THAT THERE WILL BE IMPROVEMENT BASED ON MATURITY AND EXPERIENCE. Feel free to look up the word approximate if thats throwing you.

I said that you gauge where a player is after 10-12 years of tennis only. After that there is improvement due to experience and maturity.

If after 12 years your player is ranked top 200 like Sock is, its not a stretch to see his improvement getting him to the top 75.

And I said if after 12 years your player is lucky to play D-3 tennis, perhaps his improvement after that will not scream top 75.

Sock started tennis at aged 8, he is now 20....12 years....and after his 12 years he has been as high as #149. That is an amazing result and obviously encourages him to keep going for the money.

Other players start at age 8 and after their 12 years they could not get past the first round of a futures.

See the difference? After 12 years some players have results that are encouraging....some do not. Seems quite simple to me.
Ah, yes genius. But using approximate, is like saying I kinda of, sorta, maybe think, that these players have a shot at making it. Leaves a lot of room if wrong and lot of room to be right. Didn't you say Sock was too slow, and didn't have all the tools to be top 100, a year or two ago?
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