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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
I believe as Sock learns to train at a higher level off court your gonna see him start to improve and the real tennis is on its way , that is if he can get the right people around him as I saw him 2 weeks before the Aussie with and injured ankle and the coaches had him on the court practicing and he couldn't move , two weeks later he is at the Aussie retiring absolutely ******** management of a player .

Right now as of last year Socks 12 year plan started for real he now has about 8 good years left on that 12 yr deal as the average retirement age is around 28 yrs old .
Yeah, I like Sock, good kid, talked to him at Tiburon Challenger, I think fitness and focus, and as you say better advice will be needed. My original post was tongue in cheek, because I figured Sock was right on the "12 year window theory." Now off to work, and I'm going to see who's older than 10-12 and send them home, they missed the window......
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