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Originally Posted by scrappydoo View Post
The customers racquet was prestrung with syn gut. This was the first time that I had strung his racquet so I didn't have any information on the previous string/tension. I do have the tag which reads "syn gut 58 lbs". I am racking my brain trying to remember what brand of syn gut was originally in the racquet, but I always try to string with the same brand syn gut that was previously in the racquet.

Typically I will not contact the customer prior to stringing unless they have questions, if I have questions, or if I do not have the string they requested.

I agree this situation could have been avoided if I had taken the order and talked to the customer prior to stringing. In this case the tennis desk staff took the order and the racquet was waiting to be strung when I got in later that day.
Wait so you work in a club/shop and have no control over the order? Then no, it's not even your problem since you're not in contact or in control of the business.
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