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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
The OP never said the guy was a scammer. He just said he was rude. No good reason to send emails like that because someone just offered you 95% of your asking price and asked about how much paint damage/scuffs the racket really has. Pictures aren't always that telling.

This is the second person who has had the same sort of complaint about this guy's behavior. I imagine there might have been others who did not post about their experience.

The title of the thread may be a bit much, I'll grant you that. But, some people might appreciate the heads up about how this fellow conducts himself at times. I think the OP should probably tone down the title (he will have to ask Dire to do it) to something like My not so great experience with playtennis33 and leave it at that.

This is sort of like the thread you started once, Steve. About the nutty chick who was screaming harassment over nothing. She wasn't a scammer but the experience was strange enough you felt it warranted a thread. This is sort of similar in terms of the unusual behavior/weird email response. I think the negative response about the experience is warranted.

Now as far as the OP, I would ask why he even bothered to reply once the emails got weird. If someone acts like a jerk, that is your first clue that the deal may prove problematic. Move on and find a seller who acts more reasonably. Don't waste your time trying to correct someone via email.

You are correct about that nutty chick.. I forgot... The only probelm I have is with the title.. it seems to say more than what happened. The "lacks common decency and character" seems over the top to me. How about.. don't deal with this seller.. he has very bad manners??

Thanks for all the great work..

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