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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
One more, from CDC. Remember, 2009-2010 was the year swine flu was supposed to kill us all.

Here's something I didn't know. Despite the mass freak-out over the swine flu, the CDC did not ever evaluate the efficacy of the vaccine:
That's being a bit simplistic there, swine flu was nasty, if you didn't get it you were lucky. I got it and was bad for a few days, it put our daughter in hospital and spread quickly around our extended family as we had all met up before anyone showed any symptoms. Sadly all of this was about a fortnight before the vaccine was made avaliable.
I've had "normal" seasonal flu about 10 years ago and it was worse than that but the biggest problems is that for example this years vaccine covers a variation of swine flu in it (here in the UK) it's got a version of what is thought to be the most likely "seasonal" vaiant to spread this year but it is partly guess work. Should that be enough to put you off, no, but it should make you look into anything you take.
There were evaluations on the drugs given to people who had it at the start of swine flu season, how would you evaluate a vaccine though? Look at chicken pox, people vaccinated, it went into declline then after 5 or 10 years they didn't get the booster, it came back.
Emotive subject though and the internet is rarely a place for sane voices to be heard!
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