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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Thanks, great advice here that I'll have to try.

Right now what I'm experiencing is either a rather flat ball or a slow loopy ball, as well as trouble with low balls. I think part of the problem is that I don't get enough racket head drop. I've had some serious wrist injuries in the past that have been caused by impact when my wrist was impinged, so it's partially a mental thing.
This sounds like what happens to my bh when either my wrists are too tight (so no whip) or if I'm reaching out too much and am forward of my ideal contact zone. The contact zone for a two hander is kind of short so allowing the ball to come all the way in is important.

Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Right now I've got good consistency, directional control and height control. When it breaks down is when I want to add more pace. On my forehand I feel like I can simultaneously increase the spin and pace, whereas I have to have more of a tradeoff on the backhand. This also hurts me on low balls because ideally I'd like to hit the ball with pace and plenty of spin to bring the ball back down, but I'm being forced to hit a much more defensive shot to keep the ball from going long. Also, I definitely have trouble achieving anywhere near the racket head speed that I do on the forehand, but I feel that's a common thing with 2HBHs.
This sounds like more of wrist looseness thing then. Shadow swinging can really help you analyze and start to correct things here.

The low balls - yah they're more difficult with a two hander. I go for aggressive slices on those a good amount of the time and also look to see if I can come in behind them. If someone has really nailed one at you then one of the advantages of a 2hbh is that you can just get low, firm up the wrists, and swing through the shot. It's a Connors type of bh. You're using your opponent's pace and the extra stability that two hands gives you and hitting it back low and hard.
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