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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
Please let me know how the white compares as a cross. I've come across a half set of the black since I'll be trying poly again next month in the mains. I'll be trying Babolat Nvy and Discho Microfibre crosses too.
Had a 90 min practice and 90 min match and the white thunder blast is notably softer. A little too much extra power for my hybrid setup and I'm not willing to raise the tension in my vcore xi 100. Had 52 pounds both main and cross with focus hex 1.23 in the mains. Shots I ordinarily keep in the court were going just long enough to be frustrating.

The black version treats me well and I think that I'm going to get a reel. The black version softens the poly just the right amount for me whereas the white version is comfortable but not my favorite.
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