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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
The january 1978 was definitely part of the 1977 season. If you think about it, compare it to the current wtf. You are eligible for the wtf if you are in the top 8 immediately before the event. In january 1978 it had to relate to the top 8 from 1977. It couldn't relate to the top 8 of 1978, because that season hadn't happened yet.

Now let's look at 1978. Connors only won 1 masters 1000 equivalent - Philadelphia, over and above his US open title. He did make the wimbledon final too. Borg won two Masters 1000 equivalents (tokyo and rome) along with his wimbledon title and us open finals appearance. I give Borg the nod.
Borg did also win Roland Garros, against Tanner,Ramirez,Barazutti and Vilas and lost no sets in the process...
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