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Originally Posted by volleygirl View Post
I agree their D stinks but I dont think the team would be in the dump if they had Lebron instead of Kobe.
I'll take Jordan over Lebron.

But Lebron is so much better than Kobe it isn't even funny. The idea that Kobe is clutch is one of biggest myths in the game, he has been one of the worst players with the game on the line for years now. Additionally, he never played at a level as high as Lebron has played at for most of his career and he is really not a great team player.

If you added Lebron to any team, that team would make the playoffs (see how bad Cleveland was without him after he left). If Lebron had gotten to play in Kobe's place and time with the Lakers, they may have won 10 titles (and he would not have run Shaq out the door). The Lakers would easily be a top 4 seed this year if you switched Kobe with Lebron, even with all their issues.

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