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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
No, you can't just look at titles (or head to head for that matter). Connors was the official no.1, yes the real official no.1 for 1977 and 78. Look at the records, it can't be argued with, for those years the computer says on average throughout the year he had the best results!

Now you could easily argue Borg was the best player in 1978, and for that matter Vilas was the best player in 1977, and I probably wouldn't disagree, but that is not the same thing.
I think the issue is people want the number one ranking to reflect the best player of the year and sometimes use the terms synonymously, so when the ask, "Was Borg the real number one of 1978?" what they are really saying is, "Was Borg the best player in 1978?"
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