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Coach #1: Is it possible in training to develop great flexibility along with strength and stamina. It seems on the pro tour that Djokovic has unbelievable flexibility. He doesn't appear muscular, but obviously has world class strength as well. Is that flexibilty just the genes? If it can be devloped how come none of the other pros seeem to have found the secret?
Most of the others that haven't found it can blame themselves , their team . Flexibility is something gained , do others have it naturally yes , my player last year could barley reach past his shins this year he grabs the bottom of his feet , I have spent the last 3 to 4 months going more in depth about stretching and were seeing improvement from what we have learned and "applied ".

As for your 1st question yes it is , we have benched as much as 180 and right now he is lucky to throw up 150lbs but were not trying to make those gains right now , we have been as fast as a high 4.6 in the 40 as of right now pretty slow at around 4 .8 but were not trying to gain there right now , It just comes down to discipline and work !!
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