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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
It's not what I "desire", it's what I'm going to try after a year of pain and no improvement, and after being prescribed one by a doctor, and after having been endorsed by others in this thread who say they've been helped by them. I can easily see it not helping, yes, but it's hard to see it doing much harm since I'm not required to continue wearing it, and can stop if no improvement or worsening of symptoms.
sure i understand, no problem, just want you to get better.. it's just that i have gone thru many braces and have a box full of them and other apparatus..The nada chair is the best thing i ever got ..I actually turned a lot of people on to it. Contrary to what some others say here. They have never tried it (the nada chair) and don't understand it. i didn't see anyone endorse a another brace unless i missed it..I usually trust people more if they have experienced something themselves..
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