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Originally Posted by Dave M View Post
I'm curious i remember reading something from wilson about strings for these frames , are amy of you using the string wilson say the designed for it?If so has it made a difference over your regular choices?
I wonder if it may be with such an open pattern that many either aren't used to or don't have the technique to get the best out of it?
Hand lotion........really?
Jackb1, you said a couple of posts higher up you were making some mistakes, i've played a lot over the years and I have never met someone who didn't have a bad day where stuff started sailing on them, it can be the strings but at the level we're on about here, isn't it more likely to be a bad day for the operator?Step away from the racquets in your shopping cart, go book some lessons using this one frame for 4 or 5 sessions and see how you feel after that.
good luck
It's hard to say when my off days are due to the racket or to the user, for sure. But 1 thing I do know is that I have more up and down days with this racket than just about any other racquet in recent memory. I can't be certain what the causes are sometimes I just know if a certain racquet works for me or not. And yes I have been using this racquet for the last 2 weeks alone.
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