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bold is my reply. thanks DD i also bolded your post i am replying to

Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
It's obvious I don't have the entire story, which is why I'm pointing out the other side of the coin. I said from the very beginning that I'm taking a devil's advocate role -- chill out, man. We're on the same side, here. If he is 100% unwilling to listen, and your life is only going to get harder, the only option is to go over his head to management. However, I STILL recommend taking the high road unless there is no other option. It sounds like this is the case, but I won't make that judgment call for you. If you do go over his head, you have to be willing to lose your job and/or quit, because if he is not let go, AND/OR you are not let go, your life is going to get much, much worse. I already detailed how to approach management, so I'm not going to spoon feed that one to you. Take the post above and run with it, come back with a proposal draft, and we'll ruthlessly pick it apart so you're prepared for when you do approach management. It's just tough love for a stringing bro

yea. thus my original question. i rather work with him but hes making it pretty difficult, and i dont wanna deal with it

I'm very serious. If this is the hardest issue you've had to deal with in your work experience, you've got it easy, buddy. The fact still stands that even from a "pay grade" and/or work hierarchy, you may be at the same level, but he's obviously not seeing eye to eye with you. If you got an "org chart" (family tree of who is the boss of whom) and you saw that you were on the same level as him on the chart -- is your situation resolved? I think the answer is obviously no. Don't get melodramatic and relate my advice to GM -- I'm telling you that in real life, it's not unusual for a young guy or the new guy to get the shaft, that's all. IF it WAS determined that you're the only guy that strings gut, he is within his rights if it is a store policy to reject a customer and/or tell them they have to wait. He's a bit of a d-bag for doing so, but he has that leisure if that WAS a store policy. I didn't say it makes sense. I didn't say it was right, but policy works both ways. This is why you need to implement policies that make sense. Don't take my posts out of context. And yes, in the real world, you very VERY often get rejected because it is not someone's job to do what you're asking. If you went to an auto shop and you talked to the parts department, would you get mad if the guy at the counter wasn't willing to work on your transmission? I think you have to review your own logic there before criticizing mine

again, i dont care being the 'intern'+'young guy' getting the shaft. i just want to be able to do a good job, and i need a way to do so. hence the thread.

at the interview my boss explicitly stated "all string jobs we want a 24hr turn around, no matter what." and he sitting next to boss said "yea man i get all of it done you just take care of the overflow" then behind boss's back he does this to me. so no, it is definitely NOT policy for him or anyone to leave gut jobs for me to do. whatever rackets needs to be done, needs to be done. so really he's breaking policy. even though he said in boss's face he would take care of it. are you understanding who i am dealing with here??? i know you are playing the other side of the coin....but i think there is a line somewhere.

and i am not saying you are wrong. i was asking 'is that what you want to hear when you go to the auto shop/retail place/tennis warehouse?"my point is if i can do a good job, why shouldn't i? even if policy/job description says otherwise. dont tell me you disagree with this. because i mean you are essentially ok with mediocre service then....

Go through the exercise I outlined above. That's the real start. I would post drafts here and have them torn to shreds until it's right -- then go for it. If you're serious about fixing things, know that it's not a week long project, this may take years to get right. You have to be willing to flip the shop on its head and deal with the risks involved. This is as much a business decision as a quality decision, and I urge you to exercise caution.

yes i have to go back and draft up a proposal.

Yes, this is 100% true -- but this does not resolve the dynamics within the shop. If the other guy gets fired, zap has free reign. Zap can let his work speak for himself (stringer's perspective), but again, there is liability (albeit small).

exactly! you finally acknowledge the issue. its the other guy thats causing this thread in the first place. but i dont care about him. i just want to be able to do my job better.
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