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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
Edit: I am trying to explain some reasoning here, I didn't say it was right. If you must know, though:

If that's what it takes to keep my job, I'm willing to do the work that no one else wants to do. At least until I can prove that I can handle the responsibilities of someone at a higher pay grade than me (read as: I'll take the long hours and tedious work that I feel may be below my 'intelligence level' or 'pay grade' or 'education.' I don't have a sense of entitlement simply because I got hired. I'll bust my butt if that's what's needed of me. There's a breaking point, though, and I'm not afraid to move on and/or market myself). In any event, gut is some of the easier stuff you're going to string anyways. I'll be happy to take all your gut jobs, you can take my dense polys, deal?

i agree. i wasnt asking how i can get him to do teh gut jobs. i was asking how i can do my job better. did i try to pass the gut jobs back to him? no. i did every one of them myself, on time by the way. you are missing my point. its not a matter of how hard/easy a job is. its the fact hes picking and choosing what he wants to do, ignoring his job description and company policy. why dont i come work at your company, but i will do whatever i want, and you cant. you would LOVE that right?

I'd put a calendar reminder 5-10 years down the road to come back and read this thread, you'll probably grin at your own posts I'm not even trying to be condescending. Truly, people have to deal with some crappy situations in life, and while I truly feel for you and would like as much as possible to help you fix your situation, you're actually in a good spot to grow from this experience. I am confident when all this is said and done with, you'll appreciate what you had to go through. Again, I'd cool it on the melodramatics and understand that I'm trying to give you the bigger picture view than just what a stringer has to deal with. Like I said, from a straight-up stringer's standpoint... this is an open and shut case of 'who is right'.

oh no doubt. i am sure this is something i can learn from. i am learning from this thread already. i am not being dramatic here. i am giving exmaples to illustrate whats going on. in fact i have been telling factual stories thus far.

I'd say "That's fine, you can take the 18x20 tour bites. We already have terms in place, because I set them up front." Every order form that gets rubber banded to a handle has the provision that we guarantee labor, but no customer strings. There's no way of knowing what conditions a set came in, so if it breaks on the machine, that's your problem, not mine. This is pretty common, I'd even venture to say standard. I've got a policy to fall back on, so feel free to find cracks in my castle walls, I encourage it .

thats the thing. he will reply 'no you take the 18x20 tour bites too. because i said so" thats how he works. you have a good setup at the tourney. i dont. hence my thread.

Yep, you can, go through the business proposal 101 post. By this point it's very clear (from what you tell us, at least) that the other stringer is unwilling to work with you. If YOU feel it's the last resort, go over his head. Just prepare for some retaliation and/or finger pointing. If you have a bulletproof case, you have nothing to worry about. If you find yourself in a "his word vs. mine" situation, you didn't prepare correctly. This is a politics discussion as much as it is quality, and that sucks.

hes already gone to mangement and complained about me. i know this because my boss told me. i dont care about him. i need to do the proposal. yea stupid politicis indeed

It was actually a mistake to give the tools away, but I'm not going to belabor the little things. I'm just going to give the benefit of the doubt in this situation, and say that you probably handled this as well as you could, GIVEN the fact that he's an a-hole. Proper procedure would be: "Can I get the receipt for these tools? I actually was hoping for something closer to yours. I can go pick them up, don't go out of your way just for my sake." Again, this is a 'little thing,' and it's only easy to say this stuff after the fact.
why was it a mistake to give tools away? normally your suggestion would be perfect, but with him i see him saying 'no the tools are fine. i got them for you. use it. dont be disrespectful to me."
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